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Hello everyone. It was a blast being able to watch everyone be crazy at the photobooth. The photos are now fully up on the Facebook Fan Page!!

Below is the link to the ValleyOMS facebook fan page where all of the photos are posted:

To download photos

Visit the Facebook Fan Pager and click on the small thumbnail to see a larger photo.  When you are looking at the large photo, scroll down and click on the download button.  You can download it to your computer, print it out or do whatever you like with it.

Have fun looking through the photos!!

The Holiday Season is here!

The Holiday Season is upon us. Can you believe it?

Brief  “cool” fronts have blessed us with a slight glimpse of fall.  But before for we know it will be Christmas.  I’m not ready!  Are you???

Full of Joy Photography has officially booked all evening and weekends through the 2011-year.

However, we  have a few Mini Sessions, Weekday Newborn and Weekday Children Sessions still available.

Please contact us at or at 956.536.1094 to schedule your session.


What to wear????

The old rules are OUT !

I LOVE color and texture and what they do to an image.  I was taught to say “no” to patterns, but now I think solids are just dull and boring (however there is a time and purpose for solids).  Give me texture, patterns and color please!  As long as your outfit does not distract from your beautiful face…who cares about the rules. :)

No more cookie cutter portraits people!  Let’s have some fun!!!!!

Labor Day Already!?!

Wow wee!  Can you believe how fast 2011 is flying?  I’m not one to wish time away, but as a working mommy I know that Christmas will be here before we know it.  I’m so not ready, not at all!

The reason for this post is to inform those of you who check our site regularly and those of you who have been inquiring about sessions, what is coming next with Full of Joy.

Tuesday, September 6th:  We will have our new pricing information and fall regular and mini session schedule available.  September and October are almost full; so if you are interested in a fall/winter session please contact me next week.

Here is a little information on what to except with our new pricing and scheduling for clients new and old:

JJ and I have been working since we went to the awesome Texas School in May, on new pricing and terms that will be SET in STONE to give everyone a “JOYFUL EXPERINCE”.   We have LEARNED so much to better serve our clients!


To book a session there will be a $300 retainer fee that will be due at the time of booking.

Why the retainer fee?

JJ and I had several of our favorite clients book prime dates last year and then cancel on us last minute, which was lost income for our business and time another client could have used. JJ and I fully understand that there are unavoidable situations that may occur and we will be flexible to reschedule an appointment due to illness or extreme weather etc…


Within one week of your session you will be required to have a one-hour ordering session where we will show you our favorite images from your session,  then you will pick out your favorite images and we will help you with your order.   This will be the first time you will see any of your images and it will be so much fun!

If you place your order during your ordering session you will receive up to $200 order credit!!, plus have access to special packages where you can save even more.  Think of it, you have already paid $300 and $200 of that could be used for your own prints! If you cannot decide at the ordering session or choose not to participate in the ordering session, your images will be hosted on our online gallery where you will have 7 days to place your order and receive your $100 order credit.

Clients must place orders within 30 days to be able to place an order directly though us.  If no order has been placed within 30 days, images will be hosted on an online ordering service and all order credits and current pricing is void.

We will only guarantee images will be on the ordering service for 60 days.

Why the ordering session and time limits?

I cannot say this enough “we have LEARNED so much this year”.  We have heard nothing but wonderful things from other photographers and their clients about how great an ordering session is.  For the client, it helps you make quick decisions without you feeling like you are bothering us, lets you have an opportunity to see all the products we offer and gives us a chance to show you what images will look like on your wall, so you don’t have to guess.  Some clients say they need the extra push and they are grateful for it. For us as the photographer it makes us better service providers and saves us lots of wasted time emailing crops and ideas that never really help as much as it would in person.

We truly value all of our clients and we feel like the ordering session will help us give you the attention you deserve by letting us focus on one client at a time.  We have no desire to work with bunch of clients at once.  We would rather work with one client at a time and build a true relationship.  You are investing your hard earned money with us to give you great artwork to put up on your walls.  I would want the extra attention to detail, wouldn’t you?

ALSO- sadly over the years we have many clients wait MONTHS/YEARS to place their orders and finally place them at our busiest times of year, which is not fair to our current clients.  It sometimes makes it confusing and time consuming having to go back in archives looking for photos and trying to remember everything that was requested back when the shoot took place.  With all the late orders I have made mistakes and had hurt feelings and I don’t want to disappoint anybody.  I love y’all!

WE need this system to ensure a speedy turn around time for everyone!

Again- this will allow each you to have GREAT INDIVIUAL ATTENTION that you deserve and allow you to ALWAYS know what to expect next.


We finally have a system in place to give you, our beloved and loyal clients/followers, the credit you deserve.

For every session that is booked because of your referral, you will receive either a $50 Full of Joy Gift Card or a $15 Visa Gift Card.

When your friend fills out their information sheet there is a spot where they will be able to give us the referring person’s name and contact information.

And starting September 6th, you will receive a set of referral cards with your order that has a image from your session on them!  Yay!

Why a Referral System?

Because you deserve it! And it is time to give credit where credit is due!  We would be nothing with out you!


For those of you who have been with us for years and whom we dearly love may be wondering if all of this new information applies to you.?

Yes, it does. You will have to fill out forms that you never have before, you will have to wait to see your images at an ordering session, you will have a new price list, you will have to order your images within the allotted time period and you will have to pay the retainer fee to book your session. BUT– your order credit will be higher and you will be offered special percentages off and discounts!!!! We promise to be good to you and we are SO thankful for your years of support!




The best way to contact me.

Dear Friends,

I wanted to let all of you know that best way to contact me for appoinments and  for information is through email: AND by phone 956-536-1094.

Please do not use Facebook as a contact tool .We are happy to post images on Facebook and enjoy fun comments, but it is very easy for ME to miss messages and posts on Facebook given all the venues that I use for looking at facebook. And if you ever do not hear back from us within 24hrs, that means we must not have received your message, so please try again.  We have NO desire to ignore anyone!

My office hours vary due to the nature of my profession and are not 8-5pm.  I do not answer calls on the weekends or after 4pm Monday-Friday, but please leave a message and I will get back to you the next business day.  I  shoot sessions and meet with clients 6 days a week at various times of day, so again, if I do not answer please understand that I am with a client or spending much needed time with my family and I will get back to you.

ANOTHER note…………

ALL of our new policies,procedures, schedule and price list will be available September 5th!  WE are SO excited for the changes!

PLEASE come to the site on the 5th to see our FALL schedule.  September only has a few more sessions available and October is filling up fast!  We will be offering three different types of mini sessions this fall, so stay tuned!

We look forward to working with you all soon!

Now Mrs. H {By: JJ & Lindsey Vavra/Texas Professional Photographers}

Here are some images of a beautiful bride that JJ and I had the pleasure of working with.  She is stunning inside and out!

And here is a sneak peek from the wedding day!

I just love this shot that JJ got!

Stunning and sweet!

Love this one too.  There is one of this same pose with you looking at the camera.

A fun shot!!!

Look at all the detail in your dress.  It is an amazing dress!!!!  You wear it very well!!!

We are back!

JJ and I just got back from a week of amazing photography education.  We are beyond excited about all that we learned.  JJ learned a ton of wonderful new information about natural light to share with his students at the local college that he teaches at.  I learned a ton of wonderful business information, along with some amazing newborn sesssion tips.

We are so excited for the new changes to come with our business.  As always, we are working hard to become better at what we do for you, our wonderful clients.  I can’t wait to share more… so stay tuned!!

A couple of important things:

1. We are booked for the month of May.  If you wish to be on our waiting list, please give us a call or send us an email.  June is booking up rather quickly, so call us soon to reserve your session date.

2.Coming up in June will be Father’s Day limited edition sessions and our first ever  “Mommy and Me” photography class. Yes, we are finally going to offer classes for mommies or daddies who want to learn to capture better images of their kids, just being kids.  More information to come very soon! Dates and locations to be announced.

Also, while we were away at school we got to meet the newest member of our family, our new nephew, Noah Stone.

Here is a little peek from his session: