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Category Archives: Joyful Thoughts

Eric & Ashley 1

Beautifl couple!  Wonderful day!

Love was just seeping out of both Ashley and Eric for each other and all who sournded them!   I have never witnessed such a joyful couple!  If they were nervous it was not visual on the suface.  These to only showed love and cofindence in one another.  It was so much fun to watch!!!!!    My favorite part of the day was when Eric finally got to see and be near Ashley…he just wanted to kiss her…it was almost painful looking for him.  Bless is sweet heart!

Thank you both for letting us be apart of your specail day!!!


Lindsey and JJ


First we have tranquil.

Second we have Peppy!!

Now please let us know which one you like the most.

Precious D Couple{By:Lindsey Vavra/Harlingen Professional Photographer}

I had the pleasure of meeting  and photographing this wonderful couple just before the Christmas break.   They are such a sweet couple and are going to be amazing parents….actually the all ready are….baby girl D was born on Jan 2nd and I had the pleasure of shooting her newborn pictures yesterday.  She is ADORABLE!!!!!!  I will be posting some shots of her very soon!!!!!

Thank you for letting us capture memories for you!

Precious Family{By:J.J. & Lindsey Vavra/Professional Photographers San Antonio, TX}

LOVE, LOVE, this precious  family(and their awesome friends Kristen and Rene!-Thanks for coming to help Kristen!)

It was such a pleasure to work with you!!!  Your little man is a total sweet heart!!!!! And you two are just too cute!!!!!!

J.J. and I wish you the best!!!!!!!

Hope we get to work with you again soon!

Thank you for choosing us!


Hello dear friends,

It seems I have fallen way behind on my posting.   Life and work has kept me very busy!

We are here and still working hard for our clients….just not getting to post all of our work where everyone can see it.  Now that we are ALL healthy again, back in town from our Thanksgiving trip and my sweet little Colin is in school 5 mornings, I will be able to post more for all to enjoy!

Hope all of you had a terrific Thanksgiving!!!



Simpson Family{By:JJ & Lindsey Vavra/Harlingen,TX Photographers}

As I sit here getting ready to write about how much I love this family and what I joy it has been to watch them grow, I have been hit with the realization on how many times just recently I have written a similar  post.  WOW- this business has blessed me so much!  There has been SO many people that I have gotten to know and honestly care about….and I feel they care for me and my family.  There may be parts of this business that I hate….(only the computer…hate the computer most days!)  BUT- I love to capture memories and I have made so many wonderful friends in the process!

I am SO very thankful for this family and their precious boys.  I truly mean it….IT HAS BEEN SUCH A BLESSING TO KNOW YOU AND WATCH YOUR BOYS GROW!

From the bottom of my heart…THANK YOU for letting us be a small part of your lives!  I hope you enjoy your images!



More Fun at the Pumpkin Patch{By:Lindsey & JJ Vavra/Professional Photographers}

These three little pumpkins are just too precious!!!!

I love this family, they have a special place in my heart.  JJ and I had the privilege to shoot mom and dad’s wedding and to have taken their kiddos portraits at the pumpkin patch for a few years  now.  I think every year their is a new pumpkin added to their growing family….okay maybe not every year….but oh what beautiful pumpkins they have!!!!!

Thank you for letting us watch your family grow!!!

Believe it or not- some kids don’t want us to take their portraits at first….this image of the three of them together took about 100 tries.  The image below is how the session started….. SO PRECIOUS!

Eventually they warm up and have fun!  And that is what it is all about…having fun!

Fun at the Pumpkin Pacth{By:Lindsey Vavra}

I has SO much fun shooting this session! The girls did a amazing and just a blessing to be around! Thank you for letting me have some fun with you!