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What to wear????

The old rules are OUT !

I LOVE color and texture and what they do to an image.  I was taught to say “no” to patterns, but now I think solids are just dull and boring (however there is a time and purpose for solids).  Give me texture, patterns and color please!  As long as your outfit does not distract from your beautiful face…who cares about the rules. :)

No more cookie cutter portraits people!  Let’s have some fun!!!!!

November 22, 2015 - 10:56 pm Thobani - Not that I don't like em all cuz you know you can't shoot anything that I don't like, but, as you also know, I alywas pick out my favorites: 2nd and last photos posted are mine [from this shoot]. The sunshine, the pose, the look, and the glow are all simply stunning. And there's something so striking about the last shot posted. Her look is intense and it grabs you, but it's beautifully fragile, too. You're the Bestie !!!

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