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Yearly Archives: 2012

Rock The Love – KEEPS ROCKIN’!

February 23

Thank you to all who participated in the “Rock the Love” fundraiser.  Praise the Lord that with everyone’s efforts we were able to raise $750 just in donations. With all the package orders, we are able to donate even more for these two precious families.  I hope to get final information to you once all orders have been received.  I thank Journey Preschool and all the families that gave so generously for the blessing that we were all able to share in.

Here is the latest information with both families:

Logan Baugher: This past December the family received bad news. Logan’s leukemia was back. And this time, it was even worse than the first go-around.  When they took him back to St. Jude’s, they found out that it was spreading throughout his body like wildfire, according to family.  They started chemo on Logan once again but it didn’t work this time.  “The leukemia was winning, it was just spreading rapidly. The doctors basically said there was not a lot more they could do for Logan.”  Even though the doctors have no hope and weren’t expecting him to make it to his 12th birthday last week, Logan continues to amaze and baffle all.  His mother is hoping for a treatment where he can receive her “killer cells” soon.  Logan was baptized on his birthday weekend.  He says he has a peace inside of him like he has never had & that his “insides” feel great.

Lorissa Gonzales: This year has brought joy and disappointment for this family.  After nearly a month of clinical trials of chemotherapy and traveling to and from Houston numerous times, her local doctor has determined that the state of her cancer has remained unchanged.  Beginning this week, she will begin yet another month-long round of new chemotherapy, locally.  Pray for Lorissa as she endures the many aspects of pain involved with treatment. Also, pray for her family as they persevere.  On the other hand, Lorissa believes and loves the Lord and knows His love, as well as the love of her many friends.

I hope you enjoy seeing all these amazing kiddos!  Thank you so much for your help and continued prayer.

Sweet, Sweet Babies!

OH how I LOVE being a photographer!  I have been blessed to meet and work with ALL types of wonderful people – young and a little older :)…and I love all types of sessions.  But I must say my PASSION is SQUISHY BABIES!

I love getting my baby fix!  Here are a few sweet baby girls that I have had the pleasure of working with so far this year!

JPS-Rock the Love

Dear Parents-

Thank you so much for supporting Lorissa and Logan through the Rock the Love Fundraiser!  I know that their families are truly grateful!

A couple of notes:

I realized yesterday that several of the children do not attend school today, Friday the 3rd or Monday the 6th.  So I will happily move the deadline to order to the 8th,  the faster you get your order to me the faster I can get the order placed :)!

Order forms will be available by email and at the school on Monday.

When viewing images through the link below you will first see greeting card and wallet samples, then there will be several pages of child images.  You can click on each image to view in a larger format.

To pick out you child’s image I will need the img# that is directly below the image. Example: img. 0032 NOT 22/113.  You will then write the image number on your order form along with selecting your package.

If you would like to order a custom greeting card or  wallet, you will use the same method but will need to include the name of the template and the image#(s).  There will be a space on the order form for you to print your desired greeting.  Please note when ordering customized valentines you will be emailed one proof and will be allowed one edit.

PLEASE contact me at with any questions!  JPS staff was wonderful to help host this fundraiser, but order questions should come directly to me….THEY are busy loving on our precious kiddos! :)  My apologies for the terrible paper proofs, I had printing issues that could not be fixed in such a short turn around time.

FINALLY:  WE loved working with all of the kids and they all did GREAT!  Some children have more poses only because they were willing to do more.  We work just as hard and as long with each child, but some children are more excited to participate then others and I do not force children to do anything they are not comfortable with.

We hope you enjoy looking at all the images!

Thank you again for your supporting Lorissa and Logan!


Lindsey and JJ Vavra


Rock the Love Fundraiser Sessions are Happening NOW!

Our Rock the Love Mini Session have started today and we have openings left for Thursday afternoon!   Please contact me if you are interested:

Sessions are $15 and will be donated to two fighting cancer patients: Lorissa(age 30) and Logan (age 10).

Please contact me for more information.

Here is a little peek of Carter’s Rock the Love Session

Love this family {By:Lindsey & JJ Vavra/Harlingen, Texas Professional Photographers}

What can I say….I have been REALLY bad about posting to the blog, again!!!!

I’m trying to be better, I really am!  There just is always so much to be done.  I have been pretty good about posting some images on facebook, so check out our Full of Joy Photography page to see what we are up to.

ANYHOW-I had to post some images of this sweet family.  JJ and I have been blessed to work with SO many wonderful people that have blessed our lives greatly, but this family is one of those families that you just want to be apart of.    It was such a great session and they were all so great!  I did not hear one grumble.  And this was their first family session EVER.    I love that mom is decorating her home with the images we captured.  Large canvases in living and family room…..the best art in my opinion is that of the ones you love…so exciting!

Thank you sweet V family for letting us be the first to capture your beautiful family!

HAPPY NEW YEARS EVE!-A Personal note

For God is not a God of disorder but of peace. 1 Corinthians 14:33
I love this verse and so thankful I came across it over the Christmas break! I will absolutely read it everyday in 2012!
Peace! Peace to you all throughout the New Year! I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas! I feel overwhelmingly blessed and full of PEACE! I’m beyond excited for 2012 and will be looking for the JOY in all that God lays before me! Love to you all!

With a humbled heart,
Lindsey Vavra