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Rock The Love – KEEPS ROCKIN’!

February 23

Thank you to all who participated in the “Rock the Love” fundraiser.  Praise the Lord that with everyone’s efforts we were able to raise $750 just in donations. With all the package orders, we are able to donate even more for these two precious families.  I hope to get final information to you once all orders have been received.  I thank Journey Preschool and all the families that gave so generously for the blessing that we were all able to share in.

Here is the latest information with both families:

Logan Baugher: This past December the family received bad news. Logan’s leukemia was back. And this time, it was even worse than the first go-around.  When they took him back to St. Jude’s, they found out that it was spreading throughout his body like wildfire, according to family.  They started chemo on Logan once again but it didn’t work this time.  “The leukemia was winning, it was just spreading rapidly. The doctors basically said there was not a lot more they could do for Logan.”  Even though the doctors have no hope and weren’t expecting him to make it to his 12th birthday last week, Logan continues to amaze and baffle all.  His mother is hoping for a treatment where he can receive her “killer cells” soon.  Logan was baptized on his birthday weekend.  He says he has a peace inside of him like he has never had & that his “insides” feel great.

Lorissa Gonzales: This year has brought joy and disappointment for this family.  After nearly a month of clinical trials of chemotherapy and traveling to and from Houston numerous times, her local doctor has determined that the state of her cancer has remained unchanged.  Beginning this week, she will begin yet another month-long round of new chemotherapy, locally.  Pray for Lorissa as she endures the many aspects of pain involved with treatment. Also, pray for her family as they persevere.  On the other hand, Lorissa believes and loves the Lord and knows His love, as well as the love of her many friends.

I hope you enjoy seeing all these amazing kiddos!  Thank you so much for your help and continued prayer.

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