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Yearly Archives: 2011

Miley{By:JJ & Lindsey Vavra/McAllen, TX Professional Photographers}

Here are a few faves from Miss Miley’s newborn session.  We just love shooting babies!

I will post more soon!

Full belly….

The shot mommy was hoping to have… very sweet.

So very sleepy….

My very first “baby blanket bowl” ……not as hard as I thought it would be but not easy either!


All dressed up with no where to go :)

S Family {By:JJ & Lindsey Vavra/ South Padre Island, TX Professional Photographers}

JJ and I had an amazing time with this precious family.   I could have spent all day following them around capturing their sweet expressions!  The funny thing with this session is that the little ones REALLY started warming up and having fun an hour into it, when everyone else had melted…haha.

It was truly a great time!

S Family- thank you for letting allowing us to be a small part of  your lives!  We hope you love the memories we captured for you!


Lindsey and JJ

Having fun!

All because two people fell in love……

Little A- what a beauty!  She is a sweetheart!   She really enjoyed just doing her own thing.  I personally think once kids reach a certain age the best shots are the ones they do not know you are taking.

I played with image, so it does not match the rest.  The S Family is from Austin and thier best friend is an amazing professional photographer, Heather Walker Photography and she uses a tinting on some of her images that S family likes, so I tried to give it a shot.  I’m learning!  I do love this image and the relationship between daddy and daughter.  Little C did not want to get her feet in the sand, so she was held most of the session.  I love it!


Mr. C just wanted to chase the seagulls…..

We were all so worried about not getting any great shots of Ms. C, since she did not what to get down at first, so of cource she ended up with the most shots and some of the best ones.  Too funny!

Miss C and mommy!  Love this.  What I loved most about this mommy is that she was not afraid to get dirty and run around with her kids.  You can tell she is an amazing mommy.  She ran around with Mr. C just to get him to laugh and even made the comment “I’m sure I look terrible, but I don’t care”.  That is true love!   She of course looked great…I just could not decided which was my favorite image of them, so I will have to have her pick.

I love this shot!

So very sweet!

I love this one too!

Emma {By: Lindsey Vavra/Texas Professional Photographer}

It was a BLAST!  That is what I can say about my session with Ms. Emma.    I just let her do her thing, so I cannot take much credit….it was all her.   She is such a beauty and is growing way too fast!

Thank you for letting me just have fun with you!

She has the most beautiful eyes!

Yippee!  Emma just having fun.

A little on the serious side.

Such a natural….love the dress

What a beauty!

The one on the right is my fave!

Love this one too!

Love this family! {By:JJ & Lindsey/ Texas Professional Photographers}

JJ and I had SO much fun shooting this session for this terrific family, they were so willling to be laid back and have fun!  They were all about capturing moments as they really were…..even if there was a sad face.

Enjoy some of shots of “grandma” with each  grandchild & the whole group :)

Now Mrs. H {By: JJ & Lindsey Vavra/Texas Professional Photographers}

Here are some images of a beautiful bride that JJ and I had the pleasure of working with.  She is stunning inside and out!

And here is a sneak peek from the wedding day!

I just love this shot that JJ got!

Stunning and sweet!

Love this one too.  There is one of this same pose with you looking at the camera.

A fun shot!!!

Look at all the detail in your dress.  It is an amazing dress!!!!  You wear it very well!!!

Look Who Is Growing {By: JJ & Lindsey Vavra/ Texas Professional Photographers}

Wow wee…does time fly!  Mr. A is growing too fast!  I cannot believe it was already time for his 6 month session.  Not only is the little man sitting, he is crawling too!  What a cutie!!!

We  had the pleasure to capture this milestone for Mr. A along with some images of the entire family and him with his big brothers. JJ and I had a great time working with the precious family!  These boys are sweet, cute and full of energy :)

Thank you for letting us capture some memories for you!  Hope you love your images!

MR. A-sitting and crawling…already!

Test shot…I just had to share..the first shot of the day….cutie pies!

Another “getting set up” shot….we were not able to get one of just the oldest…I think he had fallen and scratched his knee.  I just had to share this one!

Beautiful family!

So sweet!

I just love these sweet faces!

I love the action shoot and the sweet expression.

Miss A {By:Lindsey Vavra/ Texas Professional Photographer}

This has turned out to be the best afternoon.  It has been storming, so I have kept the computer unplugged and all of the lights turned off . The boys and I have had a blast playing flash light tag, building a tent, making shadow puppets, telling stories and reading too.  Colin zonked out during one of the stories, so Carter and I  pulled back the curtains in my room and snuggled in my bed  and just watched the rain come down.  Of course counted to see how long it would take for the thunder to boom after the lighting flashed and lit up the room too!  What a WONDERFUL DAY!   I feel so lucky to be a mom!

Even with all the fun with my boys, I could not wait another minute to plug the computer back in and post these images of this beautiful baby girl.  I love this little girl and her precious family!

Hope everyone else is having a great day too!!!


The first shot was taken about a week prior to the rest….you can see the difference.

Look at those beautiful eyes!

Finally zonked out….not for long :)

Sweet big brother giving kisses…

Cute little face and wrinkled little body….they grow so fast!

Precious little smile……I love little baby dreams that make cause little smirks

So tiny!