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Miss A {By:Lindsey Vavra/ Texas Professional Photographer}

This has turned out to be the best afternoon.  It has been storming, so I have kept the computer unplugged and all of the lights turned off . The boys and I have had a blast playing flash light tag, building a tent, making shadow puppets, telling stories and reading too.  Colin zonked out during one of the stories, so Carter and I  pulled back the curtains in my room and snuggled in my bed  and just watched the rain come down.  Of course counted to see how long it would take for the thunder to boom after the lighting flashed and lit up the room too!  What a WONDERFUL DAY!   I feel so lucky to be a mom!

Even with all the fun with my boys, I could not wait another minute to plug the computer back in and post these images of this beautiful baby girl.  I love this little girl and her precious family!

Hope everyone else is having a great day too!!!


The first shot was taken about a week prior to the rest….you can see the difference.

Look at those beautiful eyes!

Finally zonked out….not for long :)

Sweet big brother giving kisses…

Cute little face and wrinkled little body….they grow so fast!

Precious little smile……I love little baby dreams that make cause little smirks

So tiny!

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