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Yearly Archives: 2010

Sweet Baby{By Lindsey Vavra-RGV Harlingen, TX Photographer}

Sweet Maddy……

How adorable is she?  WAY ADORABLE!

She was not to certain about me and all the equipment, but I think she still had fun during her mini session.

Thank you Maddy for being so cute and coming over to play with me!

Maveric-By Lindsey and JJ Vavra/Harlingen, TX Professional Photographers

I have been in heaven getting to shoot newborns the last couple of days.  This CUTIE, is 3 weeks old and too PRECIOUS!  Here is a little peek of Maveric’s session.  I NEVER thought I would do hanging baby posing…but I guess never say never!  He was a to old to do a couple of the tricks I had planned, but this one worked!  Seriously not as easy as it looks!  I think it took 30mins just to get this shot.

Maveric, thanks for playing with us!

Grace-By Lindsey Vavra/RGV Harlingen, TX Professional Photographer

Sweet baby Grace, my has she grown!  And she as just as sweet as can be.  I really would have been happy to have just been able to play with her and put the camera down.  She has such fun personality!

I did get several images were she was looking at me and smiling, but I think my faves are the ones where she is looking off at her daddy, mom, or grandmother…yes, all 3 came along to the session…SHE is SO LOVED!  Daddy went in late to be with her at the first part of the session and boy did her eyes widen and light up for him!

Thank you Grace for being so adorable and letting me capture you at this fun stage!  It was too much fun!!

Laney-By Lindsey Vavra/RGV Harlingen,Texas Photographer

Laney’s mini session was so much fun that we even busted out the bubbles.

She is so sweet and absolutely beautiful! I had too much fun teasing her and was shocked that she actually played along with my “don’t smile” pleas. I just cannot believe she  is 2…she is very mature for her age.  I guess it is a girl thing!

Thank you sweet Laney for being so great!  Can’t wait to see you and your sweet smile again soon!

P.S. Laney’s mommy made her awesome head piece. is SO cute!

Ben-By Lindsey Vavra/RGV Harlingen,Texas Photographer

Sweet, cute and full of life!
It was so much fun meeting Ben during a mini session with him! He is one of my new FAVES and made my job so easy!

Enjoy looking at his images and those adorable dimples, you will most likely start smiling yourself.
I wish I would have been recording his session when he decided to give the T-Rex a high five….WAY TOO CUTE.

Ben, thank you for letting me have fun with you! Hope to see you again soon!

Dimples, oh how I love the dimples!


Kimberly’s Baby Bump-By Lindsey Vavra/RGV Harlingen,Texas Photographer

Being pregnant is one of the most beautiful miracles.  I remember when my boys first started kicking….how I wish I could go back to those moments.

I am so thankful that I had the privilege to capture Kimberly, Parker and Quinn as await the newest addition to their precious family.

The boys were CUTE,  SWEET  and crazy…just like my own, but we still managed to capture

some precious moments.

Best wishes to you Kimberly in the days to come!  I can’t wait to meet the new addition!

Jillian-By Lindsey Vavra/RGV Harlingen,Texas Photographer

I love this little 3 month angle….well she is actually 4.5 months old now…that is how behind I am with updating the site.

She is as sweet as she looks and just melts my heart!  I just cannot believe she is growing so fast.