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Full Of Joy Photography bio picture

Welcome to Full of Joy Photography

Welcome to Full of Joy Photography where our specialty is photographing Joyful people.

Lindsey Vavra owns and operates her boutique studio located in Harlingen, TX.  Lindsey's passion for the art of photography started when she had her first child.  She remembers taking her old 35mm camera and snapping away constantly to preserve that memory.  She has since studied through the New York Institute of Photography and continues to attend many workshops and seminars taught by prestigious photographers.  In 2005, Lindsey started her business out of her passion for creating art and life long memories through photography.

Lindsey is a wife and mother of two awesome little boys ages 8 and 4.  She understands deeply how important it is to capture those memories of your precious little ones before they grow and the sweetest moments have passed.  Lindsey's passion is to capture precious memories for you while providing a Joyful experience.  We promise to cherish these fleeting moments with you.

Hugs to you all!

"Let those also who love Your name be Joyful in You" -
Psalm 5:11

Sweet Twins {By:Lindsey & JJ Vavra}

I LOVED getting to shoot and snuggle these precious twins.  It was double the fun!  Their parents and grandmother were gracious enough to let me just take over and feed them and change them when the need occurred. So, I  enjoyed the little breaks where I got to sit and just feed one of them!  It was AWESOME and they did great!  They really enjoyed being in the bucket together, once I got them in.  I think they would have stayed in there for hours.  And they enjoyed laying on the soft blankets while I shot images with the heater between my knees blowing on them, nice and snugly. :)

Thank you P family for allowing me to document your precious babies at this stage in their life.  I cannot wait until their next session, but will not wish the time away for you :) Enjoy them!!!

Here are a FEW faves!

My fave…I think.

Seriously, so precious.

Big Sis!

Lil’ brother

Fresh, I love this.  And am happy to say neither of them tinkled on the other :)

Close up. :)

The M Kids{By: JJ & Lindsey Vavra/ Texas Professional Photographers}

Love, Love, Love these kids and their family.  It was a delight to get to spend some time with them again!  They are such good kids.  We loved Cooper their horse too!

Thank you for letting us have fun with you!  And thank you Lisa for inviting our boys to come play with you and ride Cooper, they had a blast!

JJ and I hope you enjoy your peek.

I just could not decide which of “Miss G’s” images was my favorite, this is one of many. (JJ was not any help, he picked 5)

JJ and I love this shot.

And these!

I love this one in the “black and white”.

And for the art lover…….LOVE IT!

The Holiday Season is here!

The Holiday Season is upon us. Can you believe it?

Brief  “cool” fronts have blessed us with a slight glimpse of fall.  But before for we know it will be Christmas.  I’m not ready!  Are you???

Full of Joy Photography has officially booked all evening and weekends through the 2011-year.

However, we  have a few Mini Sessions, Weekday Newborn and Weekday Children Sessions still available.

Please contact us at or at 956.536.1094 to schedule your session.


What to wear????

The old rules are OUT !

I LOVE color and texture and what they do to an image.  I was taught to say “no” to patterns, but now I think solids are just dull and boring (however there is a time and purpose for solids).  Give me texture, patterns and color please!  As long as your outfit does not distract from your beautiful face…who cares about the rules. :)

No more cookie cutter portraits people!  Let’s have some fun!!!!!

November 22, 2015 - 10:56 pm Thobani - Not that I don't like em all cuz you know you can't shoot anything that I don't like, but, as you also know, I alywas pick out my favorites: 2nd and last photos posted are mine [from this shoot]. The sunshine, the pose, the look, and the glow are all simply stunning. And there's something so striking about the last shot posted. Her look is intense and it grabs you, but it's beautifully fragile, too. You're the Bestie !!!

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Current Pricing

Here is a little information on what to except with our new pricing and scheduling for clients new and old:

JJ and I have been working since we went to the awesome Texas School in May, on new pricing and terms that will be SET in STONE to give everyone a “JOYFUL EXPERINCE”.   We have LEARNED so much to better serve our clients!


To book a session there will be a $300 retainer fee that will be due at the time of booking.

Why the retainer fee?

JJ and I had several of our favorite clients book prime dates last year and then cancel on us last minute, which was lost income for our business and time another client could have used. JJ and I fully understand that there are unavoidable situations that may occur and we will be flexible to reschedule an appointment due to illness or extreme weather etc…


Within one week of your session you will be required to have a one-hour ordering session where we will show you our favorite images from your session,  then you will pick out your favorite images and we will help you with your order.   This will be the first time you will see any of your images and it will be so much fun!

If you place your order during your ordering session you will receive up to $200 order credit!!, plus have access to special packages where you can save even more.  Think of it, you have already paid $300 and $200 of that could be used for your own prints! If you cannot decide at the ordering session or choose not to participate in the ordering session, your images will be hosted on our online gallery where you will have 7 days to place your order and receive your $100 order credit.

Clients must place orders within 30 days to be able to place an order directly though us.  If no order has been placed within 30 days, images will be hosted on an online ordering service and all order credits and current pricing is void.

We will only guarantee images will be on the ordering service for 60 days.

Why the ordering session and time limits?

I cannot say this enough “we have LEARNED so much this year”.  We have heard nothing but wonderful things from other photographers and their clients about how great an ordering session is.  For the client, it helps you make quick decisions without you feeling like you are bothering us, lets you have an opportunity to see all the products we offer and gives us a chance to show you what images will look like on your wall, so you don’t have to guess.  Some clients say they need the extra push and they are grateful for it. For us as the photographer it makes us better service providers and saves us lots of wasted time emailing crops and ideas that never really help as much as it would in person.

We truly value all of our clients and we feel like the ordering session will help us give you the attention you deserve by letting us focus on one client at a time.  We have no desire to work with bunch of clients at once.  We would rather work with one client at a time and build a true relationship.  You are investing your hard earned money with us to give you great artwork to put up on your walls.  I would want the extra attention to detail, wouldn’t you?

ALSO- sadly over the years we have many clients wait MONTHS/YEARS to place their orders and finally place them at our busiest times of year, which is not fair to our current clients.  It sometimes makes it confusing and time consuming having to go back in archives looking for photos and trying to remember everything that was requested back when the shoot took place.  With all the late orders I have made mistakes and had hurt feelings and I don’t want to disappoint anybody.  I love y’all!

WE need this system to ensure a speedy turn around time for everyone!

Again- this will allow each you to have GREAT INDIVIUAL ATTENTION that you deserve and allow you to ALWAYS know what to expect next.


We finally have a system in place to give you, our beloved and loyal clients/followers, the credit you deserve.

For every session that is booked because of your referral, you will receive either a $50 Full of Joy Gift Card or a $15 Visa Gift Card.

When your friend fills out their information sheet there is a spot where they will be able to give us the referring person’s name and contact information.

And now you will receive a set of referral cards with your order that has a image from your session on them!  Yay!

Why a Referral System?

Because you deserve it! And it is time to give credit where credit is due!  We would be nothing with out you!


For those of you who have been with us for years and whom we dearly love may be wondering if all of this new information applies to you.?

Yes, it does. You will have to fill out forms that you never have before, you will have to wait to see your images at an ordering session, you will have a new price list, you will have to order your images within the allotted time period and you will have to pay the retainer fee to book your session. BUT- your order credit will be higher and you will be offered special percentages off and discounts!!!! We promise to be good to you and we are SO thankful for your years of support!




Miss M {By: Lindsey Vavra/ Texas Professional Photographer}

Again, I have to say what a blessing it was to meet another wonderful new family and their PRECIOUS little girl.

They were all a delight to work with!  Miss M was so entertaining and had a hundred different expressions!!!  Just looking at her images make my day a little brighter!

My sweet Carterman came with me in the afternoon to assit me with the family portion of the session and I must say he was great help.  Miss M seemed to like him, but her favorite people are her mommy and daddy.  Not until the session was over did she lean for me to hold her. Too funny, I guess she likes me better without the giant camera :)

Thank you Sweet M family for letting us spend some time with you!  It has truly been a pleasure!  We look forward to celebrating Miss M’s 1st Birthday with you!

Mr. E {By:Lindsey & JJ Vavra/Texas Professional Photographers}

Here is another new wonderful family that we were blessed to meet!  JJ and I loved working and visiting with them :)  Such a sweet couple and precious little boy!!!!

We did get some super cute family shots too, but for now here are some of just Mr. E.

Thank you both for allowing us to come into your home and document your precious little man at this stage of his life!  We hope you love all of your images!

P.S. I must say I love going to clients homes for their newborn sessions and getting to use pieces from their homes to make personalized artowrk. :)

Mr. E’s in his cute train car.  Love it!

Such a happy little boy…

Close up of those beautiful features :)

Mr. E, you are the best 6 week old that we have ever worked with!  Thank you for letting us have fun with you!