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Category Archives: Babies

Annalynn Rae {By:JJ & Lindsey Vavra/Texas Professional Photographers}

Sweet Baby Annalynn!  We love this baby girl and so lucky to be friends with her terrific family.

Annalynn was not the easiest newborn to shoot, but you would never guess by the images.   She did not like us moving her and was a light sleeper…not fussy..she just did not want to stay asleep. :)

Thank you guys for allow us to capture some memories of Annlynn while she was so tiny!


Lindsey & JJ

Annalynn’s  birth announcement

Look Who Turned 1{By:Lindsey Vavra/Texas Professional Photographer}

I cannot believe Miss Grace is 1 already!  This year has gone by way too fast!!!!  She is the happiest little girl and such a delight to be around!

I love those precious cheeks, twinkling eyes and beautiful smile!!!!  And of course the wonderful drool too….haha!

Grace was a little sleepy for her session with mommy and daddy.  BUT she was on the move and so very precious!  She loved to wave and tell me hi and then run the other direction.

I am so thankful for the oppurtunity to have seen her grow through my lense over the past year!



Such a sweet family!

I just love the expressions here….so much love!

Daddy and his precious little girl!

Isn’t her smile infectious???

These are my favorite shots….she was so funny…and pretty fast!

There is one more image that would go with these two shots perfectly… and dad bent down and both reached their arms out to her and she put her hands up…. like what do you want from me…there is no way I am letting you pick me up…I have places to see…..SO CUTE!!!!  Grace was in total contol of the session!  Look at mom and dad clapping with her.

One more shot of her running away and the super sweet smile….and I think she was clapping too.    What a doll!!!!

Hope you enjoy the video!

Mr. C {By:Lindsey Vavra/Texas Professional Photographer}

What a joy it is to welcome a new baby into this world!  And a new family into our Full Of Joy family!  I just think this family is precious and I cannot wait to capture more memories for them!

Thank you for letting us be a small part of your life!


Sweet As Sugar{By:Lindsey & J.J. Vavra/Harlingen, TX Professional Photographers}

Here is precious Miss D…..

She was one of the best newborns I have ever had the honor to work with.  I very easy baby!  She was very active during the first part of her session but by the end, she was sound asleep.

Two more pumpkins{By:Lindsey Vavra/Harlingen, TX Professional Photographer}

These two precious boys are so cute and so much fun! And wow….do they have energy!!! Ethan just amazes me, he is almost a year and gets around like a champ!

Thank you for letting me have some fun with you at the pumpkin patch! See you soon!

Garcia Boys{By:Lindsey Vavra/Harlingen, TX Professional Photographer}

OH how I love these boys!  I have been taking their portraits since Nolan was a newborn…..4 years ago.  It is so fun to watch them grow!

Thank you for letting me be a small part of your lives!  Tell Nolan one day soon we will have to do pizza…sweet boy!

Lil’ Stud!

Having fun!

My fave!

Handsome boy!

Kai really just wanted to be held by mommy or daddy….it is so hard being so darn cute!  He is in mommy’s arms in the top right shot..all better.

So very sad….. :(  BUT still so very cute!

Jackson{By:Lindsey Vavra/ RGV Harlingen, TX Professional Photographer}

Here is a little peek of:

Precious Jackson…by far one of the easiest newborn’s I have ever had the honor to photograph.  I have a feeling he is going to be a calm a sweet young man..just like his parents.

I will post more soon..for is one of my faves of his sweet little face.

Thank you Jackson for being so terrific! And thank you mom and dad for allowing me to spend some time with you…I can’t wait to take more!